About us

The company FLASH HOLIDAYS SK, s.r.o. was established as a family company in March 2006 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Original line of business after the establishment the company was operating a scheduled bus service for travel agencies and operation of employment transport services to several major companies in the Bratislava region. After a year of operation the company has expanded line of business on rental cars and travel agency services for private companies, public and government institutions, but also for the general public. The company FLASH HOLIDAYS SK, s.r.o. provides transportation and travel services as well as for some of the major embassies and consulates in Slovakia and Austria.

In August 2012 the company FLASH HOLIDAYS SK, s.r.o. expanded its activities in the Czech Republic and was founded subsidiary FLASH HOLIDAYS CZ, s.r.o. established in Valašské Meziříčí. The main business of the subsidiary is operating a travel and transport agencies intended primarily for the private sector and interest groups.

The services of FLASH HOLIDAYS are created and provided mostly turnkey, according to the wishes, needs and requirements of clients with an emphasis on their high quality and with knowledge that the main guarantee offered services are particularly high-quality personnel, whether they are people working in administrative or transport sectors of society. Effort to further extend the company's services, search for new sites to offer tours, taking care of relationships with existing clients, finding new and potential customers search, but especially and exclusively individual approach to everyone.

Contact address (Slovak Republic)
Krizna 21
811 07 Bratislava

Company ID number
36 284 858



Contact address (Czech Republic)
Havlickova 234/1
757 01 Valasske Mezirici

Company ID number
294 49 901

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