Guide Services

To visit any sites or destinations (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Europe) according to the individual wishes of clients ensuring travel agency FLASH HOLIDAYS qualified guide, expert commentary which always accompanies the places that the travel agency FLASH HOLIDAYS visit, whether within cognitive and tourist stays or sightseeing tours.

Guide services are always provided in the Czech or Slovak language and be fluent in a foreign language of the country visited, or place of destination, including knowledge of the realities as uniqueness, special features, local conditions, history, culture or literature is also qualified guides for granted. It provides expert interpretation guide on the attractiveness, pútavosti and attractions, whilst but it must be true. Same requirements as mentioned earlier, are needed by qualified guides and they provide tours for incoming foreign tourists, not only in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Russian, but also Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

On request (electronically, by phone or in person, see contacts), it is possible to provide a guide to further knowledge of foreign languages ​​(as above), but also, for example. mountain guides, sports instructors, animators children's camps, and the like.

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